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  ANAMET offers Custom Cut Lengths for OEM Applications!

Anamet offers automated length cutting of many of the products. 

This allows OEM customers that use the same length of conduit over and over to reduce their own labour cost by having the conduit delivered already cut into the exact lengths required. 

Anamet Canada has invested in automated cutting equipment which speeds this process, and allows us to provide cut lengths very competitively.

Some of the products that can be cut to custom lengths:

  • CSA Liquidtight
  • Sealtite Conduits
  • Aluminum Flex (CSA or UL RW)
  • DE steel conduit
  • DSL steel conduit
  • SL or UI Cap Stainless steel
  • NMUA Non-metallic conduit

Any of these products can be cut into custom lengths.  Pricing is done on application, as the pricing will depend on length and quantity to be cut.

Information Required to Quote:

  • Product to be cut
  • Length of cut
  • Required tolerance (normal is +/- 1/4")
  • Total quantity and release quantity

Please contact your local rep, or Anamet directly to get pricing information.



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