Anamet Canada Inc.
Canada’s Leading Manufacturer of Flexible Conduit

The original liquid-tight flexible conduit


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Anamet Quick Reference Guide.
Conseal CSA
Conseal CW
Sealtite EFST
Sealtite UA-CSA
Sealtite OR
Sealtite EFL
Sealtite HTC
Sealtite HTUA
Sealtite HCX
Sealtite MTC
Sealtite ZHUA
Sealtite Shieldtite
Sealtite NWC
Sealtite CNP and STNM Connectors
Sealtite NMUA and NMSC/NMLT Connectors
Sealtite NMEF
Anamet Aluminum Flex CSA
Anamet Aluminum Flex UL  (RWA)
Anamet DSL
Anamet DE-710 / DE-183
Anamet SL / UI-CAP and SSUI Connectors
Anamet Firetech and SSFT Connectors
Anamet LT and SSLT Connectors
Anamet Chemical Resistance chart
Anamet Cutting Instructions
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