Anamet Canada Inc.
Canada’s Leading Manufacturer of Flexible Conduit

The original liquid-tight flexible conduit

Product Selection Chart:
Product Category Construction Product Features Product Link
Non-Jacketed Aluminum CSA CSA Alum Flex
UL RW Aluminum
Galvanized Steel Interlocked  CSA and UL-Recognized Sealtite Type DE-710
Light Duty Sealtite Type DSL
Stainless Steel Interlocked Ultra Flexible Sealtite Type SL/UI Cap
Liquid-tight (Conseal) Galvanized Steel Core CSA Conseal CSA
CSA Blue Conseal CW Blue
High Temperature Conseal HTC
Liquid-tight (Sealtite) Square Locked Steel Core (Interlocked above 1-1/2") Standard Grade Sealtite EFST
CSA and UL Approved Sealtite UA
Super High Temperature Sealtite HCX
Extra Flexible Sealtite MTC
Zero Halogen/ Low Smoke Sealtite ZHUA
Nuclear Conduit Sealtite NWC
EMI/EMP Shielding Sealtite Shieldtite
Square Locked Aluminum Core (Interlocked above 1-1/2") Light Weight Sealtite EFL
Non-Metallic Thermoplastic PVC Extreme Duty Extra Flexible CSA/UL Type A Sealtite CNP
Standard Duty CSA/UL Type B Sealtite NMUA
Light Duty Extra Flexible CSA/UL Type B Sealtite NMEF
Fiberglass core with Silicone cover Extreme high temperature protection (not a conduit) Firetech
Connectors Liquid-tight Metallic or Non-metallic Type B (NMUA/NMEF) CSA UL Liquid-Tight connectors
Liquid-tight Non-Metallic Type B only (NMUA/NMEF) CSA UL NM Connectors
Liquid-tight Metallic for Type A only (CNP) CSA UL STNM Connectors

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